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Asili Nzuri

Embrace your natural beauty!!

Customer Testimonials

I have never had a moisturizer this great!! Usually my skin is dry even after applying lotion, these magic moisture creams keeps my skin moisturized and smooth all day long, even after washing my hands. I strongly advise you all to get some!! T. Holloway 

Thank you Pamela! You have grown my hair when no other product worked. You have a customer for life!

M. Sykes

I have struggled with eczema my entire life. My legs and my arms were so scarred I always wore long sleeves and pants. I started using the oatmeal soap, scrub, and shea coco magic. My scars are almost gone. Not only that, I'm not dealing with itchy dry irritated skin any more.

N. Wilson

Before Asili Nzuri I wore wigs since my teens. I have been a customer for 2 years and I now proudly wear my own hair. My hair would grow but then break off really bad. I use the edge rejuvenation, and hair growth serum. Thank you Asili Nzuri. -Y. Johnson

Thank you Asili Nzuri!!! My daughter was being bullied because of her skin disorder. A child who once loved school was begging me every day to stay home. The very first application of your products improved her skin. We have now been using the eczema relief, and Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey Soap for 3 weeks and her skin is almost completely clear. My baby is smiling again. She is excited to go to school now.  K. Bradshaw

Pamela approached me in a department store. She asked what was I using on my sons skin. I told her I had tried everything and nothing worked. Pam handed me a sample and a business card. Out of exasperation I tried the cream. Literally within hours I saw a noticeable improvement, I am a customer for life.- F.Sauls