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Asili Nzuri

Embrace your natural beauty!!

Hair Growth Serum

Asili Nzuri hair growth serum is 100% organic. We have utilized the very best Mother Nature has to offer in order to assist you in your hair growth journey. Whether it be thickening your hair or assisting with hair lost we are here for you.

Anything you apply to your hair and scalp will eventually end up in your bloodstream.  A rule of the thumb, do not put anything on your body that would be toxic to eat.  Herbal tinctures and healing essential oils are especially beneficial for the scalp and hair. Essential Oils can help your hair grow healthy, full and shiny. They are able to prevent dandruff, hair loss and heat damage! Essential oils have been used for centuries because they are able to stimulate hair follicles, which in turn, boosts growth.  Our hair growth serum is totally toxin free.